The 6 ideas to boost your creativity for your travel photos

1.Learn how to see

"Watching is something that is too neglected" Saul Leiter said, and he is right. By this we mean keep your eyes wide open to any photo opportunity wherever you go. Annie Leibowitz also says that this ability never leaves her. She sees pictures to do everywhere.

2. Photograph what you like

When you look at the images of the most famous photographers, you will notice that they all have a specialty.So think of what you really like (yes really) photograph and work on it.

3.Be creative in your compositions

You see, we are at point 3 and we have not yet spoken of material! The next thing to consider is how you compose your images.
Become aware of what you have in mind when you trigger.
Use all the possibilities of creative composition like guidelines or geometric shapes!.

4.Use light as a creative tool

The maximum use of the potential offered by light is the trademark of any good photographer, and as we all already know, the sunrise and sunset lights are the most attractive. This does not mean that all other lights are not good.

5.Do more with less

on your photo you have to explain why a particular item is there, it usually means that it was not obvious enough. This does not mean that your images need to be simplified to the extreme, but simple compositions, where the main subject - and the main story - are clear tend to function better than complicated images with much more detail in background. If you are having difficulty with this concept, take some time to buy some photography books, visit galleries or simply explore websites such as 500px or Flickr on the web. A word of caution though: do not just slavishly copy someone else's work, the goal is to be inspired rather than plagiarized.

6. Apply blur

There are so many opportunities to be creative with slow shutter speeds. So take the time to become a Sensei of S mode (or Tv mode for "canonists").
Spending more time experimenting with speed priority mode can really help you create images full of creativity.

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